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Product Description
UAV Battery
UAV Battery
Item No.:  
Model No. Description  Dimensions   Approx weight (g)
SP8000-1S 3.7V 7700mAh 1cell  15C 6.0x65x157 142
SP8000-3S 11.1V 7700mAh 3cell 15C 19.6x66x165 466
SP8000-6S 22.2V 7700mAh 6cell 15C 38.6x66x166 906
SP9200-1S 3.7V 9000mAh 1cell 40C 6.0x67x220 206
SP9200-3S 11.1V 9000mAh 3cell 40C 19.0x68x226 642
SP9200-6S 22.2V 9000mAh 6cell 40C 37.5x68.5x227 1252
SP10500-1S 3.7V 10500mAh 1cell 15C 11.0x48x157 185
SP10500-3S 11.1V 10500mAh 3cell 15C 36.0x48x167 593
SP10500-6S 22.2V 10500mAh 6cell 15C 72.0x48x167 1160

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